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Housing & Homeless Services

EightCAP provides both housing and homeless assistance to those in need along with a variety referral and resource opportunities.  For more information, please call 616-225-5965. 

Examples of the types of services offered by the Housing & Homeless sector include, but not limited to:

·         Emergency Shelter through Hotel/Motel Vouchers

·         Housing Choice Voucher Sign-up (with Homeless Preference)

·         Rent Arrear Payment (court ordered evictions)

·         Security Deposit Assistance

·         Rental Assistance (short- & mid-term)

·         Housing Assistance specific to Veterans (click for SSVF flier)

·         State ID & Birth Certificate Assistance related to housing

Our Housing & Homeless Sector provide financial assistance to eligible households.  Eligibility requirements vary by program and all programs are based on funding availability.  We understand how difficult it may be to ask for help, but EightCAP is here to offer assistance to allow you to get back on your feet.  Even though all households are not eligible for financial assistance, EightCAP offers a wide variety of outside resources that may be able to assist with your current needs.  If you are having difficulty meeting your financial obligations related to housing, please call 616-225-5965.


Please note certain eligibility documentation WILL be required. Please understand that we are only able to provide services to residents, or those who work in, our service area.  However, if you reside in Michigan, but outside of EightCAP’s service area, you can find your Housing Assessment and Resource Agency (HARA) by visiting:

Current Programs being offered are as follows:

·         Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funded through                 MSHDA.

·         Rapid Rehousing Program funded through DHHS.

·         Supportive Services for Veteran Families funded by             VA.

·         Emergency Shelter Program funded thru The                         Salvation Army.

·         Rapid Rehousing Program funded thru HUD.

·         Housing Choice Voucher Waitlist Recertification                    funded thru MSHDA.

·         Dedicated + PSH funded thru HUD.​

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